Fighting for our land, culture, identity, fighting for our life

Fighting for our land, culture, identity, fighting for our life

Serdecznie zapraszamy na projekcje filmu ‚From the Dark Depths’ i spotkanie z Louise Dumas już w najbliższy czwartek w Krakowie.

Fighting for our land, cultute, identity, fighting for our life

19.11.2015 (Thursday), 6 pm

Institute of Sociology, Jagiellonian University

Grodzka 52, room 79 (2nd floor)

The documentary ‘From the Dark Depths’ gathers and links the stories of lumad (indigenous people) and peasant land rights defenders whose resistance to ‘development policies’ in the form of mining, palm oil plantations and other resource-extractive industries in the Northern Mindanao (the Phillippines) region has turned them into victims of militarization. 

The screening will be an introduction to discussion with Louise Dumas, human rights activist from Mindanao, who will tell us more about the current situation.

Right now the Phillipines are preparing for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Manila and many representatives from the indigenous communities of Mindanao have traveled by land (the caravan was called ‚Manilakbayan’) to protest against the economic policies of the government, influenced by international agreements. The economic policies have pushed for the plunder of the resources in ancestral domains, which have resulted in massive – and escalating – human rights violations. Just this year, two massacres happened in Northern Mindanao alone. On top of this, the indigenous schools that are in communities that resist the entry of extractive companies have also been attacked. Displacement and killings happen on a daily basis, robbing the indigenous communities of the hope of getting their children educated.